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IVF Chamber
Sperm Analyzer
Tabletop Multichamber
Portable IUI
The unique birth pool for the large and small delivery room

Supply Unit

Ergonomic Design

Automatic Outlet System


Easy to clean

CO2 Incubator
Carry out high-volume culturing with a high-level of contamination control with these stackable CO2 Incubators. This incubator combines the most advanced components available into a single incubator: CO2 sensor, precise microprocessor controls, active humidity control, HEPA air filtration and high-temperature decontamination capability.
Key Features

Integrated battery backup
Enhanced security features
Rapid recovery to OPTIMAL environmental conditions
Network connectivity for data output
Visible gas/water system
Reduced oxygen culture capability
Works with premixed gas
Small Bench Top Centrifuge
Research Applications: Cellular Biology, Microbiology, Genomics / Molecular Biology, Proteomics, Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical Studies
Clinical Applications: Clinical Chemistry, Clinical Microbiology, Hematology, Immunology, Clinical Studies
Sterile Cabinet
Sterile cabinets are designed to protect the samples with a constant flow of clean air and is made to meet the specific requirements of IVF Laboratories. It is built to provide a vertical laminar flow. The vertical laminar flow provides clean air over the whole of the working area and is manufactured to meet the requirements for IVF laboratory work, such as “vitrification”, “ICSI” manipulation, “sperm collection” and IVF routine work.
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