Vitrolife is a global company contributing products within the IVF field. Their mission is to support customers to achieve successful treatment outcomes by providing valued solutions and services for assisted reproduction. 

EmbryoScope is the world’s most used time-lapse system for observation of embryo development while maintaining stable embryo culture conditions. It has been used in more than 300.000 patient treatments since 2009. At the heart of the system is the EmbryoScope incubator which ensures stable incubation while automatically taking images of the developing embryos at defined intervals. This information is transferred to the ES server so that the information can be accessed from conveniently accessed computer stations. read more

SparMED is a registered medical device manufacturer from Denmark with a range of CE marked products. They supply the safest products for use in IVF laboratories to help increase pregnancy rates around the world.

IVF business is very sensitive and requires only the best products, which are harmless to oocytes, embryos, and sperm. Oosafe® is their registered brand for In Vitro Fertilization use. As mentioned in the catch phrase 'GOosafe in IVF Laboratories', all Oosafe® products are safe and completely fulfill IVF Laboratory requirements.

Cell vision is a young, innovative company based in the Netherlands. They are constantly trying to improve and implement new techniques in their production process to optimize their products and their applications. Their techniques are patented and already used to different fields of laboratory and industrial production processes.


LifeGlobal® Group, LLC – a leader in IVF for 20+ years, provides superior quality and original products such as: LifeGlobal® Media, GPS® Dishware, CodaAir®, LifeGlobal® µpipets® and Pioneer Pro-Pumps.

It is known to provide Superior Quality and Original Brand Name products for IVF with repeated Consistency, Quality, Performance and Superior Customer Service.They are committed to delivering high-quality ART products worldwide, with operating facilities in the United States, Canada, Europe, China and distributors in some 90 countries worldwide.

Their products are manufactured in North America under strict Quality Control, in their ISO13485:2016 Certified, FDA and Health Canada registered facilities. Their products are FDA cleared and CE marked.

Since their foundation in 1998, Gynemed has been dedicated to the distribution of high-class medical products in the field of reproductive medicine, ambulant-gynecological surgery as well as conservative gynecology.

Their ambition is to adapt their product range always to current trends and progressions. They have developed their own IVF media series (culture media for egg production, embryo culture, and sperm processing), which has been available since May 2006.

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