Welcome To International Technical Legacy!

International Technical Legacy is a Qatari based company and was founded in March 2009 with the inspiration of aiding the medical world in finding the appropriate and the best technology to be utilized in its services. Now, looking forward to being one of the most excellent in customer service through the prompt and honest response from its competitive, self-motivated and knowledgeable team in terms of medical technology and equipment.


Today, as the number of medical facilities increases around Qatar, so is the demand for medical supplies. Our objective is to take part in the improvement of the delivery of healthcare services by providing premium quality medical supplies that we can find around the globe.


We are proud to be the one of the leading company in IVF to be specializing in the distribution of IVF lab equipment and media in Qatar. We also deal with several leading manufacturers around the world like Vitrolife, LifeGlobal, SparMed, Gynemed, IVF Tech, Cell Vision and Heinz Herenz. These manufacturers are world renowned for their innovative production of IVF lab equipment, media, medico-surgical equipment, lab consumables, and disposables. We welcome an opportunity to be able to serve your requirements.

Providing you with the best products 

Our goal is to provide a world-class quality product that would fit our customer's needs. Supplying from manufacturers with the same goal. 

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